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Why Young Couples Should Opt for a Pre-Nuptial?

Most people consider a pre-nuptial as a defence against a worst-case scenario. They think that a prenuptial is all about division of assets, because one of the wealthier partners is looking for protection. But this isn’t the case. In fact a prenuptial need not be based on a couple’s income or assets.

In reality a prenuptial is a couple’s way of entering a relationship in an open and trusting manner. This is the time to indulge in open discussion because couples are usually most in love when they are planning to tie the knot or move in together. It’s not in any case related to the time when the two of you might be in argument and wouldn’t be seeing eye to eye because each of you has become too disillusioned.

A prenuptial pertains to division of assets which each partner is bringing into the marriage. Plus it also helps deal with assets which the couple have bought together. Plus it also deals with another major obligation which all couples face: debt.

People from the lower income group who are in a relationship may be under debt. These could be college debts, alimony or child support from a previous marriage. The wisest decision which couples would make is that how these debts can be separated and who would be paying for these debts. It should also be observed how this would affect the joint income of the couple.

A prenuptial is a binding contract which is open to amend in case there is a change in scenario. Some of the best lawyers are of the opinion that in case the couple decides to separate a prenuptial can make things easier and quicker. Usually there is no debate over division of assets and the result is an amiable separation which benefits both parties and costs as little emotional damage as possible.

There are several other thing which can be covered in the contract. For example if the couple belong to different religions, the prenuptial can state in what manner or religion the children would be brought up. Though couples can have their discussions without a prenuptial as well but seeing those written down give them a more concrete structure.

Getting to know what both of you as a couple wants can help things progress in a more understanding manner. When a couple is so in tune with one another’s decisions, the marriage is fruitful and there are less chances of any misunderstandings.

There are many other benefits of going for a prenuptial agreement according to family solicitors in Gold Coast. These include

  • It can help protect the inheritance right of children from a previous marriage
  • It can help protect a business which is owned solely by one individual in the marriage
  • For someone who I giving up their career to be with their partner the prenuptial proves to be a sort of a protection of their financial rights.

For more information on prenuptials contact family solicitors in Gold Coast.

How to Choose the Best Family Lawyers

There are such large numbers of family law offices in Sydney that it tends to be hard to know where to begin, particularly in a period of emotional trouble and struggle. This can be exacerbated on the off chance that you have never required a family legal counsellor, and end up overpowered by the measure of pressure required by managing legal issues. Just read on to know more about family lawyers in Sydney.

The Family Lawyers

  1. O’Sullivan Legal is headed by Ben O’Sullivan, who put in years effectively rehearsing at a main family law office under the watchful eye of the law office. Ben is a specialist in family law, and having a solid comprehension of individual funds because of a retail foundation and a degree in trade. Ben is a recognized master in family law, having appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald a few times to clarify prominent or muddled family law cases. He has likewise been featured on The Project, being included as a specialist on convoluted family law matters in NSW. The mix of family law and individual mastery he has to offer makes him the perfect separation legal advisor, particularly when the separating from couple have a muddled money-related circumstance or other unordinary courses of action.
  2. Doolan Wager is another incredible family lawyer with specialisations in Divorce, Separation, Division of Assets and Property, Finances Agreements and Property Child Support, Parenting Orders, Child Maintenance, Division and Settlement of Property, Child Custody, Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Collaborative Law, Family Violence, Negotiation & Litigation.
  3. Rebecca Downey is likewise experienced handling family law issues, so on the off chance that you fit into these classifications, she is the lawyer who can help you. At the point when a relationship ends, in order to continue to receive support from your former partner you have to demonstrate that the relationship was vital to your life. For instance, in the event that you surrendered some paid work in order to complete more of the household work to support your partner in their career, then you are presumably qualified for an offer of their benefits – and you may have the capacity to guarantee spousal support. Rebecca is magnificent with regards to these issues, and she is a specialist at figuring out the amount you ought to get.
  4. Pearson Emerson Meyer is another great family lawyer focusing on divorce, parenting arrangements for children, injunctions and restraining orders, prenuptial and other financial agreements, enforcement and contravention of parenting orders, spousal maintenance for married couples, relocation of children, same sex couples, child support, surrogacy, property and financial settlements, collaborative law among many others. If you find yourself in need of these services, you can rest easy knowing that you have an expert lawyer who is just a call away.

How You Can Benefit with a Family Lawyer

Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer and Benefits of Using One

There are many reasons why you might need a family lawyer, but mostly they are known for handling divorce cases. Having a family lawyer can be very beneficial for your entire family because of the expertise they provide and the wide range of services you can get from them.

Here are some reasons why you might need to have a family lawyer.

Why You Need a Family Lawyer

Adoption – Family lawyers on the Gold Coast are very helpful in the adoption process. The lawyer can help to look at all the paperwork involved and file whatever is required to the necessary authorities.

Child Custody – After a divorce or separation, parents may not be able to agree on child custody. A lawyer can help to negotiate with the parents so that the children are taken care of by the best parent able to provide the best care.

Child Support – The family lawyer can also help to create a child support program for the parents so that they are able to take care of the kids without well and amicably without any parent feeling distraught.

Visitation Rights – The other area that many spouses may not agree on after a divorce is visitation rights. A family lawyer will negotiate the best possible schedule for visitation that will allow the children time with both parents.

Protection from Abuse – A family lawyer can help to end an abusive relationship and get restraining orders that will keep the abusive person away.

Solving Disputes – There are many disputes that may arise in the family enterprise especially due to property issues. Such disputes need to be solved by a neutral party who is only interested in the best possible outcome for all.

Benefits of Using a Family Lawyer


Family matters are usually emotionally charged which can cause the parties involved to make poor decisions. A family lawyer helps to bring objectivity to a case by not being emotionally involved.

Also, since the family lawyer has dealt with such cases before, they are able to assess your situation and predict the kind of outcome that would come from the family court on your issue.

Communication Between Two Conflicting Parties

When problems arise, communication between the two parties involved becomes problematic. A family lawyer Gold Coast communicates with both parties which takes away the emotional trauma of having to deal with a partner that you are in dispute with.


Most of the family issues are resolved through negotiation. Family lawyers Gold Coast have excellent negotiation skills that prevent the cases from going to trial which saves a lot of time and emotional distress involved in going through trial.

Ease of Going through the Legal Process

There are many forms and legal documents involved in family law matters. A family lawyer is able to take you through the process with ease by filling out forms for you, explaining legal information, and filing the required documents. Going through the process alone can be tedious and lengthy.


Top Three Law Schools And Degrees In Australia

Law is pursued by many but let’s find out the most popular law degrees in Australia and the top three law schools that you can apply to.


  1. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) only offers dual law degrees to school leavers and other students without a university education. The range of dual degrees is wide and includes the following subjects: actuarial studies, art theory, arts, city planning, commerce, computer science, criminology, economics, engineering, fine arts, international studies, media, medicinal chemistry, music, psychology, science, social science and social work. Applicants need an ATAR score in the high 90s and must sit a Law Admissions test around late September.

  1. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) offers a flexible Bachelor of Laws degree. Extensive use is made of online learning, and students outside Brisbane can enrol as external students which means you only have to attend the campus occasionally. Options for double degrees include: business, creative industries, justice, creative and professional writing, science, information technology, media and communication, psychology, journalism, and biomedical science. The program develops legal skills in interviewing, negotiation, drafting and advocacy. A Queensland OP of 5 (rank of 92) or equivalent is required for entry.
  1. The Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne is for the most part positioned as Australia’s best law school in scholastic overviews. It is a graduate school. The Master of Laws (LLM) program is accessible to lawful graduates. Different masters are more open and incorporate 16 specializations, from commercial law, through to human rights, medical law and duty.


  1. Bachelors of law (LLB)– A straight Bachelor of Laws is normally a 4-year degree. It is available to class leavers with a sufficiently high ATAR (or identical) score. College graduates or individuals with some college experience can likewise join in a LLB. By and large, this decreases the length of the course from 4 years down to 3 years.
  1. Bachelors of law combined degree– A combined law degree (likewise called a double or dual degree) implies you graduate with 2 degrees. You do this by taking adequate units from another program, for example, arts or business. It regularly broadens the length of your program from 4 years out to 5+ years. Combined degrees are valuable if are uncertain about seeking after a legal career or if you need to study in a field that will supplement professional practice.
  1. Juris Doctor– Juris Doctor is a postgraduate degree that regularly takes 3 years. It is proportionate to enlisting in a LLB as a graduate. The primary preferred standpoint of a JD over a LLB is that projects are intended to suit graduate understudies. The fundamental drawback is that it regularly costs more. Aside from for the higher tuition fees, postgraduate status implies understudies pass up a major opportunity for government monetary concessions for undergrad contemplate.

7 Things You Must Know About Law School Before You Join

Law school is not for the faint of heart. It is not easy and rarely a fun experience. Most who have passed out of law school and have become lawyers claim that the life of a lawyer is much easier than the life of a law student. So, here is a few things you must know before you decide to apply to a law school.

  1. Law school is not like your undergrad. There will be no easy assignments which you can submit last minute and laze around for the rest of the weekend. There is not much partying as well. There is just a hell lot of all-nighters and caffeine pumping through your veins.
  1. It requires a lot of reading. I repeat, a LOT of reading. You will spend most of your school life in the library reading through never ending books. You will get long reading lists from your seniors and professors. You will be surprised by how fast you will be able to finish books or comprehend and pick up the important themes of an article after one or two years in law school. Most often law students have a self-imposed schedule for reading and to finish the set number of books they have to by the end of the month.

  1. You need to remember the smallest details. The smallest legislation or law will bring about a significant difference to your case or answers. You have the sweat the small stuff. You need to read through many other previous cases that maybe very old and might seem inconsequential but the littlest detail from a case of the 1980s will come in handy for your research or understanding of another case. Remembering case names is another small thing you definitely have to put some effort into.
  1. Everyone you meet will ask you for legal advice and you will have to get used to it. The more law you learn the more you will be uncertain of taking a particular legal position. Because of all the controversial and complex cases, you are reading you will find it very difficult or forget how to give clear simple advice for anything. Another problem is that whatever advise people maybe asking it may not be in the area that you are in specializing in because there are various degrees for law. No matter how many times you try to explain to people about this, they will not understand.
  1. Another thing you must understand, is that it does not guarantee jobs. It is often believed that once you go to law school you immediately become a lawyer and make good money. This is not necessary. Not all people who pass out of law school make it big in the law field. Finding Jobs in law is as difficult as in any other field.


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